At Kaycees Healthsoft we are committed to improving the quality of patient-care in the healthcare industry today. Our strategic business planning, technical and project management capabilities help us make your business model efficient.

Your business is as important for us as it is for you. That's why we have a sound security system in place. What sets us apart is the fact that we bring you comprehensive healthcare management services. This also means that there are no third party interventions on your data. All your hospital and patient information are secure with us.

Unique Capabilities

We focus on transitioning business processes to the web and developing innovative, business-winning solutions that give our clients a sustainable competitive advantage.

Extensive Professional Experience

Having worked with the healthcare industry for over ten years, we understand the healthcare industry and how things work and this equips us in delivering expertise that solves problems. Strategic planning to ensure smooth workflow, coherent management solutions while dealing with related industries and assessment of possible problems that can arise and how they can be prevented, we go the mile in understanding what works for you. This coupled with our technical expertise brings you complete solutions.

Client Focus

Our team is well-versed with the workings of healthcare organizations of different scales and specialties. That's how we deliver customized solutions that answer specific needs. We consider it a privilege to be a backbone that holds your business together.

Quality Assurance

At Kaycees Healthsoft, we respect what you do and always look to give you the edge. This come only by setting high standards for the work we do. That's why we follow a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach for all activities, with procedures and processes documented. Audit trails are fully identifiable so that results and their underlying assumptions can be verified. In addition, internal reviews by senior staff are used where appropriate to ensure high standards at all times. It's an assurance we'd never move away from.


Designed to make your work easier, technology complements our expertise by helping us design solutions for you to simplify your work processes and raise efficiency levels. Highly user-friendly and flexible, our technological solutions are adapted to your infrastructure and not the other way round. Our primary focus is to make day-to-day functions at your organization a lot smoother.