Kaycees Healthsoft is an equal-opportunity organization where our team is hand-picked to work with us to build versatile and dependable software solutions for our customers. Highly talented, honest and hard-working, our team has always done us proud by going the extra-mile to help us create solutions for our customers. They are experienced with working across different technology platforms for customers with varying needs and are more than equipped to customize our technology to deliver to the customer´s satisfaction.

We have empowered eight of our employees to become entrepreneurs, by providing them with the necessary infrastructure and marketing support to enable them to put their visions into action. The new entrepreneurs have already completed a year of successful business, and currently employ more than 150 employees.

We believe there is an imperative need to promote and nurture entrepreneurship, at the grass root level, to empower educated youth and to also create new streams of employment. It's why we continue our journey to discover new potential from our pool of talented employees.

´Respect´ is a very important value at Kaycees Healthsoft. We believe that there is always something to learn from everyone. We have had the fortune of learning new things and refreshing sometimes on the old from the people we work with.

We are amongst the very few companies in India that employ differently-abled individuals (8% of our staff). Our efforts have also been recognized by the Welfare Association of the Blind with the Friends of the Blind award for identifying and nurturing talent amongst the visually-challenged.

At Kaycees Healthsoft, we do not believe that talent and potential are selective traits limited to a few. We believe in harnessing them from every individual.

We are also involved in several community initiatives and have a very strong social responsibility culture.

It´s what set´s us apart from the rest.

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