At Kaycees Healthsoft, we understand how efficiency can be delivered with simple solutions that make a big difference to you. We are a healthcare process consultancy that helps improve performance, manage compliance, reduce costs, implement and leverage technology and stimulate growth. Working with us gives you the edge in delivering improved healthcare. In short, we make your business more profitable.

Having worked with the healthcare industry for over ten years, Kaycees Healthsoft has identified several areas in the healthcare delivery system that can be enhanced, including patient management, claims processing, compliance and more. From charting effective workflow systems, implementing six sigma processes to getting into the details of handling patient data, we extend our expertise and technical skills to not only identify problem areas, but to deliver effective solutions.

Patient Management
-Paperless patient data management
-Solutions for maintaining and sharing patient medical  records
-Patient Schedule Management and smart card-based  solutions
-Specialized solutions for ambulatory care, lab data,  pharmacy and more
Migration and Compliance
- Complex data migrations
- System performance checks
- Customized solutions for compliance
- Updates on compliance requirements and potential    changes
Revenue Cycle Management
- Medical Billing and Coding
- Easy and quick insurance claims processing
- Management of medical charts, A/R collections,   contractual compliance and more
Infrastructure Management
- Effective monitoring and management of   infrastructure
- Cost control and assessment and management of risks
- Standardized support processes